12 Ways To Give Your Brand a Megaphone

8February, 2012

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Robert Willington

Just read this article from Click Z and thought I would share it as it’s entirely applicable to bands, churches, and campaigns. Brands are not just for corporations.

Here are a few of my favorite from this list of 12:

1) Give them product. Sharing existing or new products with a devoted fan is a surefire way to get (usually) positive product, company, or brand comments.

We have empowered campaign regional captains with their own networks of volunteers. Giving them a social platform will help them self-organize and progress on their own.

3) Showcase them. Highlight and feature users’ personal stories/photos/videos/testimonials.

Take pictures of your volunteers and spread them online and offline – post on Facebook, put their photo up in your campaign office. With Scott Brown, volunteers could earn a limited edition Brown Brigade pin that they could only earn by accomplishing an X amount of phone calls.

4) Validate and empower them. Consider making an elite group of fans your semi-official spokespeople

Make a team, develop a logo and create comradery among your core group. Give them a private website where they can log in and communicate – conduct special conference calls with them to give them access.


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