Digital Ink

07.25.11 ::: Social Networker in Chief? [boston herald]

07.08.11 ::: Conservative Home to Ann Coulter Aims To Match Obama Online [click z]

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10.02.10 ::: Google asks us to talk about their awesome stuff [google political toolkit]

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07.31.10 ::: video of how the gop is innovating online []

07.31.10 ::: the journal notes how we apply twitter on campaigns [the journal]

07.26.10 ::: we talk about youth voting and involvement in campaigns [voteagain2010]

06.29.10 ::: oh ohhhh… we are now “political insiders

06.17.10 ::: check out our new video for jeff perry on a roll.

06.04.10 ::: huffington post podcast about our chat at #pdf10 and they suggest to follow @willington (swell idea) [huffington post]

06.03.10 ::: we spoke at #pdf10 about how the gop is advancing online [personal democracy forum]

06.03.10 ::: the hill notes how we (conservatives) are catching up online [the hill]

05.24.10 ::: the pr finish line had us speak at a morning gathering in boston [ms&l strategies]

05.22.10 ::: click z magazine features us in there new guide to using social media in the political space [digital political campaigns 101]

05.12.10 ::: pbs newshour with jim leher featured swiftcurrent about what lies ahead in the future [pbs newshour]

03.26.10 ::: usa today talks about how we used facebook [usa today]

03.10.10 ::: boston magazine writes about our iphone app [boston magazine]

03.01.10 ::: listen to rob willington on the pdf podcast talk about the victorious scott brown senate campaign [pdf podcast]

02.05.10 ::: fox business news shows how scott brown friended, tweeted, and lol’d his way to the senate [fox business news]

02.03.10 ::: heritage foundation had us in for a chat [heritage foundation]

01.23.10 ::: boston globe talks about the demand for the brown strategists [boston globe]

01.20.10 ::: the washington independent talks about the ‘honed online tactics’ of ours [washington independent]

01.18.10 ::: abc news ‘the note’ talks about brown closing the gap with technology [abc news]

01.10.10 ::: frum forum writes a stellar article by @timmak [frum forum]